I moved to femmynism :) 

10:18 pm  •  1 December 2013
I moved

I moved to loquesoyestreal.tumblr.com and it would be awesome if you’d follow me there since I don’t use this blog anymore! Xx

10:34 am  •  30 March 2013
Follow my new blog!

I moved to: loquesoyestreal! I’d love it if you’d follow me, I follow back.  

8:51 pm  •  5 March 2013

(Another time I’m annoying as fuck) I moved to loquesoyyestreal so if you’d like, please follow me there! And thank you, I’d follow you back. xx

9:36 pm  •  4 March 2013
Follow my new blog!

New blog which is pretty much the same as this one, but since this wasn’t my primary blog and I got annoyed by it! So please follow my new blog: loquesoyyestreal. I’d follow you back if you did ofcourse, and thank you! xx

9:28 pm  •  4 March 2013


i’m on tumblr all the time because i need constant reassurance that i’m not the only one failing at life

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haha sorry to show up to your house unannounced but uhm haha unfollowed me?? haha im sure it was a mistake, may I come in?

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